Future R&D

Our plan is to bring to the table new innovations for finishing tops of our guitars. Also we have some new and exciting ideas for our fingerboards.

Dick Waters Jr / Steve Collin

Guitar upgrade and

 Repair Shop


  My name is Dick Waters Jr I have been a musician for over fifty years, I have always wanted to build a purple guitar.

  I caught up with an old friend Steve Collin. Steve and i played music together many years ago. After catching up Steve told me he was making lap steel guitars, and had made 14 of them. The name of the Lap steels are SRG (www.scanticriverguitars.com. If you go to the link you will see some amazing musicians, playing Steves SRG Lap Steels.

   We are looking forward to putting together a series of videos dedicated to building, repairing, and refinishing Guitars using the highest quality parts, for the best price.

  We also will find the highest quality tools and will get into electronics both on the guitars, and pedals with amps.